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Hello! Nice to meet you!

I am Roberto De Ficis, I am a professional travel blogger and micro-influencer. My writing is about tourism, travel, art and culture, food and gastronomy. Also I am a professional chef certified by the Centro Europeo di Formazione in Novara. I write for the Viaggiatori nel Mondo and Viaggiando Italia magazines, through which I tell stories and I give advices about places to visit and gastronomic experiences to do.

I realize professional tour reviews, accommodations such as hotels and B&Bs, restaurants, typical products, as well as writing tourist content in general. I realize sponsored reports. In particular destinations, such as Morocco, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Galapagos, also I am tour leader.

To whom my services are useful?

My services are aimed at companies in the tourist-receptive sector (tour operators, travel agencies, tourist service agencies, hotels, b & b, restaurants, producers of typical products etc.) that want to increase the level of brand awareness, increase the number of conversions (bookings, information requests, product sales, etc.).

How many potential readers do I reach?

Considering the social channels and online magazines I write, my audience is estimated at 1.5 million readers. 90% of my audience live in Italy and speak Italian. The remaining 10% is divided into readers from the USA and Canada, England, Russia, Spain, Australia, China and South American countries (source Buzzoole, data updated to 1 September 2019).

What are the channels I use to communicate?

Online magazines

Viaggiando Italia, Viaggiatori nel Mondo, other affiliated magazines

Social media I use

Viaggiando Abruzzo

Viaggiando Abruzzo is the social channel that talks about the Abruzzo destination.

Viaggiando Italia

Viaggiando Italia is the social channel that speaks of the destination Italy.

Roberto De Ficis – Official facebook page

Roberto De Ficis facebook page is my personal social channel where I talk about the reportages and the jobs I do.

Viaggiatori nel Mondo – Viaggi e Avventure

Viaggiatori nel Mondo Viaggi e Avventure is the social channel that talks about all the destinations in the world.

Roberto De Ficis linkedin page (30.000 followers)
Roberto De Ficis instagram (approx. 8.500 followers)

How my target audience is formed?

Some data to better understand the type of my target.

Gender and interests

Age groups


Contact me for any information

Here are some photos and articles about the latest works

Gran Sasso Report “I Like It!” – August 2019

Report Majella “I Like It!” – August 2019

Report Marrakech “I Like It” – June / July 2019

Report Madrid “I Like It!” – April 2019

Contact me for any information

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